Telling Tales: What Your Family Says About You

I come from a long line of “talkers.”

My mom is first-generation Irish-American, and her family nickname is Parrot, if that tells you anything. The gift of the gab is strong in us. But I didn’t always appreciate the jabber. Continue Reading

Arlene | A Real Showstopper

It’s no surprise others describe Arlene K. as theatrical, independent and cultured; she likes to express herself by creating beaded jewelry and acting and singing in original skits and revues as part of the “Showstoppers” performance group. Continue Reading

Creating Space for Things that Matter: A Guide to Decluttering

My husband and I are planning to move, and recently I found myself evaluating all of our stuff. I didn’t want to drag everything to a new home because the truth is, not everything we own is treasured or useful. So how should we decide what stays and what goes? To answer that question, I had to tackle our clutter. Continue Reading

Art | Still Growing

Art O. didn’t discover his talent for painting until later in life, when he took a class at Atria on the Hudson. He had always assumed his wife and daughter were the only creative ones of the family. Today, the retired pharmacist now paints in the style of his favorite artist, Norman Rockwell, and several of Art’s acrylic paintings of birds and animals are prominently displayed in his community’s library. Continue Reading

A Simple Guide to Senior Living Tax Deductions

There are few things in life more confusing than the tax code. The annual ritual of tracking down credits and deductions to minimize tax liability can be tedious, and the rules seem to change year over year.

The availability of senior living tax deductions comes down to whether or not the services provided meet a medical need. The reason this is important is because in order to deduct the costs from taxable income, the IRS requires they qualify as medical expenses. These deductions can offset a portion of the cost of senior living for residents and their families. Continue Reading

Lilian | World Traveler

Lilian W. met her husband while working at her parents’ Chinese restaurant. Anthony was a young engineer from China, and a regular – drawn by the foods he missed from home and by Lillian. One day, he worked up the courage to ask her on a date and she said yes. Continue Reading

Give the Gift of Time This Valentine’s Day

You want a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift to be thoughtful – something to let that special someone know just how much you value their place in your life. But the stores are full of flowers, chocolates and other things they don’t really need and might not want. So after years of giving stuff, what else is there to offer? Continue Reading

Caring for Your Aging Parent: 5 Questions to Ask

As parents age, their needs grow while their ability to care for themselves declines. This is especially true when a parent lives alone. Unfortunately, many don’t think about how they will care for an aging parent until they’re forced to make a decision. Continue Reading

Navigating the Holidays with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Being the primary caregiver for a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be especially tough during the busy, bright and noisy holidays.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your holidays happy, meaningful and stress-free – for everyone. Consider the following tips. Continue Reading

Julie | A Social Butterfly

New Year’s Eve was Julie E.’s favorite holiday when she was dating her husband-to-be: “It was so much fun. No house, I wasn’t pregnant. I had a blast!”

Continue Reading

Knowing When it’s Time for a Parent to Stop Driving

Have you ever needed a car repair and found yourself at the mercy of a friend, taxi or subway? The ability to drive means freedom, and without it you have to rely on other, less convenient means of transportation.

Even temporary inconveniences like these remind us that being our own driver is a privilege, and for older adults who can no longer drive safely, losing this privilege can be difficult for them and for you. Mom or Dad may be reluctant to hand over the car keys, and you might worry about how they’ll get around in the future.

Continue Reading

Marjorie | An Avid Reader

Marjorie B. worked as an educational textbook editor at Harper & Brothers, but once held a job at Chrysler during World War II, testing and reassembling rifles while blindfolded. Continue Reading

Bizarre Behaviors: When Mom May Need Help

Despite advances in health care, the aging process itself can limit an older adult’s ability to carry out basic daily living activities. Health problems aren’t always obvious, especially for older adults. Signs of declining health or abilities can be so subtle that neither the parent – nor their children or caregiver – may realize help is needed. Continue Reading

Honoring Veteran Army Nurse, Jean S.

Nearly 70 years ago, Jean S. – a resident at Atria Evergreen Woods in Florida – returned home after serving as an Army nurse in the China-Burma-India Theater. For three years she cared for sick and injured soldiers in a bamboo ward stationed near an active combat zone. If you met Jean, you would understand what made her a wonderful nurse. Continue Reading

Evelyn | A Positive Outlook

As Luke arrived at her apartment for a visit, Evelyn S. welcomed her grandson’s abundant hugs and kisses as a good sign. She wants Luke and all her grandchildren to inherit her trademark optimism. Continue Reading

Atria Honors Determination

It would have been easy for her to quit. Numerous injuries kept Nicole Stevens off the balance beam for long periods of time as she pursued her gymnastic goals. But she was determined to succeed, putting in countless hours of physical therapy to build the strength that would carry her to the Junior Olympics National Championships and a top 30 finish. Continue Reading

Sam | A True Gentleman

In the 1940s, Sam A. purchased the Chestnut Beer Garden in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and ran the small neighborhood bar for more than 30 years. It was a good life, and he and his wife, Fanny, spent every winter at their second home in Delray Beach, Florida, across the street from fellow snowbirds Alvin and Evelyn, who were from Buffalo, New York. Continue Reading

Older Adults and Dehydration Risks

For older adults, staying hydrated can be a challenge. According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, one in three older adults may not drink enough fluids each day due to physical and physiological changes common to aging,  such as: diminished thirst sensation, side effects of medications and incontinence. The inability to walk, reach for a glass or feed oneself can further complicate the issue. A decline in cognitive function (confusion, poor memory, etc.) can also impact fluid intake. Continue Reading

Back to School Tips for “Sandwich Generation Caregivers”

Sending a child to college is bittersweet; pride swells alongside the pain of letting go. There’s so much to decide, plan, purchase and pack. Helping a son or daughter select the right school and prepare for the move is a milestone not to be missed.

But what about Mom? While parents ready their college-bound child, who makes sure an aging family member eats right and takes their medications? Continue Reading

Doing Away with Labels and Restrictions

Nearly 42 years ago this year, I accepted a challenge to play in a tennis match known as “The Battle of the Sexes.” Ultimately I won the match, but many people may not remember that I was behind for the first set and things weren’t looking very good for me. However, I was determined to win given the importance of the match: to bring attention to equality. Continue Reading

Wit & Wisdom: Life Lessons from Atria Residents

Atria residents are gold mines of knowledge and wisdom, so who better to turn to for advice? We asked our employees to share the best life lesson an Atria resident has taught them. We received hundreds of witty one-liners and heartfelt statements, and we want to pass the wisdom on to you. Continue Reading

Vance | Lifelong Arts Supporter

As a dancer, Atria West 86 resident Vance R. rubbed elbows (or was it feet?) with some of theater’s most elite performers. He also modeled for Revlon and the Art Students League of New York, and danced in off-Broadway shows and in the Catskills at the legendary Grossinger’s Resort. Continue Reading

Women Are at the Center of the Alzheimer’s Crisis

Women are disproportionately affected by Alzheimer’s and the reasons remain unclear. According to the Alzheimer’s Association Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report:

  • Women make up almost two-thirds of American seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Among those aged 71 and older, 16 percent of women have Alzheimer’s and other dementias, compared to 11 percent of men.
  • At age 65, women without Alzheimer’s have more than a one-in-six chance of developing the disease during the remainder of their lives, compared with a one-in-11 chance for men.
  • Women in their 60s are about twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease over the rest of their lives as they are to develop breast cancer.

Continue Reading

Michael | A Focused Man

Michael H.’s key to longevity is “having a focal activity that is consuming in some way, so that you are always interested in it and thinking about it.” Continue Reading

Charlotte | Women’s Rights Activist

Charlotte is a woman with passion to spare. A strong advocate for women’s rights, she established the New Rochelle, New York, chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) while in graduate school – and, at a time when most women didn’t work outside the home.

Continue Reading

A Declaration of Independence? The Debate Over Aging in Place

The recent New York Times article “Imprisoned by Independence explores how older adults’ preference for “aging in place” may have inadvertently helped imprison them. According to the article, the desire for seniors to remain in familiar surroundings, and the fear of being placed in an institution, have millions fighting to remain in homes they can rarely leave due to physical limitations or health conditions. Continue Reading

One Day You’ll Thank Me: A Mother’s Day Playlist

Thanking Mom for all she does should happen every day, and this Mother’s Day we’re doing something extra special for her. We asked Atria’s Facebook fans and employees to submit songs that remind them of Mom and created a customized playlist, “One Day You’ll Thank Me.” This Mother’s Day, listen and celebrate Mom with music! Continue Reading

Greta | An Education in Self-Sacrifice

Greta R. would like you to know one thing: she put her husband through college by working at a job giving away coupons and food samples at grocery stores. While she never went to college herself, she raised four children who all went on to attend Ivy League universities. Continue Reading

Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

The urge to teach is a hard one to shed. Josephine “Jo” W. taught elementary, junior high and college, and now the 86-year-old teaches a bridge class to fellow residents at Atria Bayside Landing. The most rewarding aspect of teaching, according to Jo, is the moment your student understands a new concept you’re trying to show them.  Continue Reading

Journaling with Mom: A Mother’s Day Gift

A mother-daughter duo recently embarked on a journey of storytelling together. The two teamed up to complete Atria Senior Living’s guided journal Field Notes from an Adventurous Life. In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we asked Atria Paradise resident Grace R. and her daughter Ginger to share their special experience. Continue Reading

Atria Residents and Staff Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Connecting with nature; it’s why we travel to reach a mountaintop, or go camping in the woods – or simply relax on our back porch. Being in nature is something we crave as humans, not only because of its beauty, but also its affect on our mood and well-being.

Thanks to a few nature-minded staff members and residents at Atria Fairhaven, the community now boasts their very own Certified Wildlife Habitat site®. Continue Reading

Life is What You Make It | An Atria Resident’s Poem

Atria Senior Living is home to hundreds of painters, sculptors, musicians, poets and writers. Some are lifelong artists while others discovered their talents later in life.

In April, we celebrate our resident poets, including Margaret “Peg” T. of Atria Hertlin Place. Continue Reading

Resident’s Recipe Brings a Taste of Italy to Paradise | The Atria Kitchen

Atria Paradise resident Antoinette D. is known for her cooking skills – so much so she’s published a cookbook of her family’s favorite recipes titled, Mangia e Tuei! (Eat and Be Quiet!). Continue Reading

Five Ways Volunteering Benefits Older Adults

Most people would agree volunteering provides a wealth of benefits, often for the volunteers themselves. If you have ever worked in a soup kitchen or donated blood or spent a Saturday afternoon cleaning your local beach or park, you know exactly what I am talking about. Volunteering is good for you!

And it’s particularly beneficial for older adults. Continue Reading

The Power of Friendship: Caregiver and Resident Discover Atria Together

Brett Harper once worked as a home health aide, traveling to private residences to assist older adults. A few years ago, one of her favorite clients, Gwen, decided it was time to consider assisted living. Because the two had become close friends, Brett helped Gwen search for options. Continue Reading

Ann | Legendary Editor

If you’ve ever read The Thorn Birds or The Exorcist, Ann has already made an impact on your life.

Revered by her colleagues as a “legendary editor,” Ann edited these and other iconic best sellers during her 60-year career Continue Reading

Making a Sense-ation: The Benefits of Aromatherapy for Older Adults

To combat the lack of sunshine and general bleakness of one of New York’s coldest, snowiest winters, we at Atria on the Hudson discovered a creative, sense-ational way to beat the winter blues: aromatherapy. Continue Reading

Atria Copeland Seniors Embrace “YOLO” Lifestyle

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Mark Twain

YOLO or “you only live once,” is a phrase that reminds us to live fully and take risks. It’s also the phrase that inspires a group of residents in the YOLO club at Atria Copeland. Continue Reading

Atria Chandler Villas’ Brew Crew celebrates two-year anniversary

What’s better on a hot Arizona day than an ice-cold bottle of beer? An ice-cold bottle of home-brewed beer!

This month marks two years since Atria Chandler Villas started its beer-brewing club, the Brew Crew. Working hand in hand with Jim Palmo, our Director of Culinary Service, our residents have brewed lagers, ales, pilsners and stouts. And their membership has grown steadily. Continue Reading

“There is no greater high than saving a life”

A question-and-answer session with Atria Summit Ridge resident, Dr. Ellen T., a former E.R. surgeon and professor of surgery in the division of emergency medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas. Continue Reading

Baby Spinach Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

March is National Nutrition Month! That makes it a great time to try this recipe for Baby Spinach Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette. The salad features nutrient-packed baby spinach, as well as peppers, onions and fresh citrus, and can be prepared as a delicious side salad or hearty entrée salad with the addition of a protein. Continue Reading

Atria Resident and Coach Shares Wisdom from Hall of Fame Career

For a few weeks every March, everyone is a basketball fan. But for resident Domenic “Dom” R. of Atria Bay Spring Village in Rhode Island, the game has been a lifelong passion. Continue Reading

Girl Scouts & Atria Lynbrook – Learning from Young and Old

In March 1912, a group of 18 girls gathered in Savannah, GA with the dream of bringing young girls out of their homes. They went hiking, camping, studied first aid and learned how to tell time by the stars. This group was the inception of what we know today as the Girl Scouts of America.

During the month of March, we celebrate the Girl Scouts in Atria communities across the country. Continue Reading

Richard | Baseball Lover

Baseball has always made an impact on Richard – once, quite literally.

As a boy, he cracked his head in the shower after baseball practice and was sent to his room to recuperate. Instead of staying in bed, he snuck out and hopped the train to a Yankees game. Continue Reading

Questions to Ask Assisted Living Communities About Alzheimer’s and Memory Care, Part 3

Part 3: Staff Training & Education

If you’re considering care for a family member who is living with the challenges of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, one of the most important factors to consider is the training and education provided to their caregivers. Continue Reading

Love and Longevity: Timeless Advice from an Atria Couple

Meet Atria Woodlands residents Anne and Tom K. The two met at age 17 at a mutual friend’s birthday party in Brooklyn, New York and have been inseparable ever since. Continue Reading

David & Renee | 60 Years of Love

David and Renee of Atria West 86 met on a blind date, arranged by a mutual friend. David wanted to look his best, so he stopped on the way for a haircut and – to Renee’s chagrin – arrived late. Renee was smitten anyway, and they wed 14 months later. Continue Reading

Doing it for the joy of it: An 86-Year-Old Salsa Dancer Shares Her Wit and Wisdom

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.” – Agnes DeMille, dancer and choreographer

86-year-old Atria Crossgate resident Angela C., who’s been dancing more than 50 years, has known the power and glory of this graceful art form all her life.  Continue Reading

Kale and White Bean Stew with Sausage Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

For a hearty and warming dish, try Kale and White Bean Stew with Sausage. This recipe capitalizes on items we usually have in our pantries, is quick and easy, and – bonus – it’s nutritious as well!  Continue Reading

Food for Thought: The Choice is Yours

Think about your favorite comfort foods – that homemade apple pie recipe your mother passed down, or the spaghetti and meatballs with the special sauce that has just the right amount of tang and spice.

Atria residents want to enjoy their favorite foods while also receiving a variety of choices. That’s why we create choice-focused programs for our residents. Continue Reading

Wit & Wisdom: What I’ve Learned

We asked the people who work every day in our communities to share the best life lesson an Atria resident has taught them. Here are a few things that really moved us and inspired us – so much that we wanted to pass them on to you. Continue Reading

The Super Bowl – at Atria!

As he enjoyed his morning coffee, Atria Stony Brook resident John Keedy was eager to discuss this weekend’s Super Bowl XLIX, a battle between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. He quickly admitted to a little bias. Continue Reading

Happy 100 Years!

Happy 100th birthday to Atria Merrimack Place resident Jeanne B.! We sat down and asked this New Years’ baby and new centenarian a few questions Continue Reading

Questions to Ask Senior Living Communities about Alzheimer’s and Memory Care, Part Two

Part Two: Engaging Activities

If you’re considering care for a family member who is living with the challenges of Alzheimer’s or another form of memory impairment, the items at the top of your checklist are likely related to finding a safe and healthy living arrangement where your family member will not just live, but live well. When you visit a senior living community, take every opportunity to ask questions about their memory care program.

Continue Reading

Top “All-Time” Gift Ideas: Part 3

This holiday season, find out more ways you can give the greatest gift of all – the gift of your time. See how in this fun episode of Top “All-Time” Gift Ideas. Continue Reading

Top “All-Time” Gift Ideas: Part 2

The best present is being present. Find out more in this week’s episode of Top “All-Time” Gift Ideas. No ribbons or bows needed!

Everybody Loves a Clown

Charlie Chaplin became a worldwide icon in the silent film era through his screen persona as the silent “Tramp” clown. Red Skelton, one of America’s most well-known clowns, starred in more than 20 movies and had his own radio and television show. And Patch Adams, a young doctor in the ‘70s, began clowning for hospital patients and was portrayed by late comedian Robin Williams in a Hollywood film.

What was it about these clowns that made them great? Was it their exaggerated facial expressions? Continue Reading

Top “All-Time” Gift Ideas: Part 1

How can you show the older adults on your list just how much you love them this holiday season? We have the answer in our Top “All-Time” Gift Ideas! Remember, the best gift you can give someone is the gift of your time. Continue Reading

Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

All varieties of root vegetables are in season right now, including parsnips, turnips, radishes, daikon, jicama, parsley root, celeriac, carrots, rutabaga, salsify and beets. Sweet potatoes and yams are also in season. Many root vegetables are low in fat and calories, a good source of fiber, high in Vitamin C and excellent sources of Vitamin A. This recipe for Roasted Root Vegetables with Horseradish Vinaigrette would make a tasty and healthy side for your next holiday dinner. Continue Reading

Creating a Sense of Purpose

“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Setting and achieving goals is key to maintaining a sense of purpose. Fortunately, age has nothing to do with one’s ability to achieve Continue Reading

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly?

It’s that time of year! And if you are the type of person to make to-do lists, chances are you’ve already begun a few for upcoming celebrations. A typical holiday to-do list might include buying decorations, making a gift budget and sending out cards and invitations.

Continue Reading

The Family Kitchen: Why It Means So Much To Us at Atria

Rick Wigginton and I recently sat down for a chat about the idea of how great food experiences help restore a sense of normalcy and balance for older people. Rick has been helping families find the right place for their aging family member for years and has a unique perspective on this topic. Continue Reading

Hungarian Pogácsa Butter Cookies | The Atria Kitchen

My mom made these cookies and she could compete with any of today’s gourmet cooks. She had a pastry shop in Corona, Queens, New York and would stay up all night baking. She drove to deliver her baked goods the next day all by herself. Her baking was passed on to me, and it has been subsequently passed down to my daughters and granddaughters.

– Jeannette Weledniger, Atria on Roslyn Harbor resident (Pictured here with her granddaughters, Lara and Allie)

Continue Reading

Behind the Lines

Whether behind enemy lines or writing lines for the Associated Press, Atria Merrimack Place resident, Jim Koch, shares his journey during WWII and his postwar success as an AP journalist and Director of Public Affairs at GTE.

Continue Reading

WWMD: What Would Mama Do?

As a social worker in a previous career, I counseled families through the decisions involved with caring for aging parents. The best outcomes usually happened when the children of an aging parent used a philosophical approach called “substituted judgment.”

Continue Reading

Pear and Cranberry Crisp Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

Pears are in season. In addition to being cost effective, a medium pear averages just around 100 calories and offers 5.5 gm of fiber per serving, as well as 10% of an adult’s daily Vitamin C requirement. Continue Reading

Veteran Russell Avery, Atria Elizabethtown Resident

I was drafted into the U.S. military on June 3, 1942, at the age of 21, beginning a tour of 39 months in the Air Force that took me to South America, Africa, England and into combat in Italy, France and Holland. Continue Reading

A Long Life. A Strong Spirit.

Atria Springdale resident Jo P. was kind enough to open up to me about her life. I can easily describe Jo as “determined.”  She has been through a lot in her 81 years and although she’s lost two children and two husbands, she’s steadfast in her goal to be positive and optimistic.  I have come to understand that Jo is the kind of person who is determined to push through the storm and come out stronger on the other side.

Continue Reading

76-Year-Old Says Aging is an Adventure

“You’re too old.”

“You’ll get hurt.”

“Your body can’t do what it used to.”

“Don’t risk it.”

These are just a few myths about aging that society supports – the notion that as we age, we weaken. We decline. That somehow we are less of a person, with limited value.

Lilias G., an Atria Seville resident, refuses to adopt this mentality. Continue Reading

Questions to Ask Assisted Living Communities about Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Part 1

Part 1: Living Environment

If you’re considering care for your family member who suffers from a memory illness, the items at the top of your checklist are likely related to finding a safe and  healthy living arrangement in which your family member will not just live, but live well. When you’re making a personal visit to an assisted living community, take every opportunity you have to ask questions about Alzheimer’s and memory care.

Continue Reading

Atria’s Commitment to Quality

At Atria Senior Living, everything we do is driven by quality. Our number one goal is to make the best possible life for our residents. To deliver on that promise, we created the Quality Enhancement program to ensure every aspect of life at our communities meets the highest standards in the industry. Sheela Stevens, EVP Quality Officer, has long been a pioneer in our unique, industry-leading approach to quality. We sat down with her to learn more about Atria’s Quality Enhancement program and the role it plays in our communities.

Continue Reading

I Am a Survivor

I am a survivor.

My name is Jean McCubbin and I have lived at Atria Elizabethtown for nine years. My husband and I moved here because of his declining health, and after his death seven years ago, I elected to remain. Continue Reading

Get Ready to Be Inspired!

Erika Cerna’s career at Atria began while she was attending college. What started as a part-time job in Atria Glen Cove’s restaurant eventually turned into her life’s passion.

Continue Reading

Power Outlet: 5 Reasons Older Adults Connect with Technology

Technology empowers us all to connect to the people and things that matter most – and seniors are no exception. Here are five reasons older adults may want to charge up their cell phone, tablet or laptop more often.
Continue Reading

The Importance of Intergenerational Programming

The residents of our community absolutely love young people. Sometimes I joke that they only like young people, puppies, and babies. Of course, that’s an exaggeration but there is an element of truth there. Whenever I bring young people into the community, even the most introverted residents come out of their shells and light up with joy. Continue Reading

Mini Tomato-Pesto Tarts Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

“I received this recipe from a friend when I first moved to Rhode Island. It immediately became a family and party favorite. I started at Atria Harborhill as a volunteer and went on to become an Engage Life Assistant at the community. Continue Reading

Nutrition for Older Adults: The Wisdom of Eating Well

As we age, our bodies change. We need fewer calories to maintain a healthy weight, while certain nutrients become more vital to our well being – and longevity. If you’re an adult over 50, start making a significant impact on your health with these suggestions from Atria Senior Living’s national dietician.

Deeper Waters: 87-Year-Old Diver and Shark Enthusiast Stays Active

Being underwater in the ocean is like entering a new world – just you and the creatures of the deep blue. Some people are drawn by adventure and discovery. After all, who knows what can be found beneath the waves? To see a coral reef for the first time, to share crystal clear waters with a slow-moving sea turtle, to look out into the open sea and gain a fresh perspective on how vast this planet truly is – these experiences have no age limit. You’re never too old to explore!

Just ask Atria Woodbridge resident James S., aka “California James.” Continue Reading

Advice from 88-Year-Old Fashion Designer and Atria Resident

Fashion fades, style is eternal. – Yves St. Laurent

At age 88, Mary Poirier has eternal style.

“I have liked clothes and fabric ever since I was a little girl,” says the former New York fashion designer and Atria Merrimack Place resident. Continue Reading

A Resident Poem: Remembering 9/11

Atria Maplewood Place resident, Barbara D. shares a poem in honor of Patriot Day, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Continue Reading

Motivating Older Adults to Engage in Fitness Programs

September is Active Aging Month, and as senior living communities are busy preparing special events and celebrations, it’s important to focus on encouraging residents to regularly participate in health and fitness programs. Continue Reading

A Journey of 15 Years

In 1999, I found myself in a dire situation. Self-preservation caused me to file for divorce. “What am I going to do?” I asked myself in fear. I had been a stay-at-home mom. My last job was in Silicon Valley 20 years ago. My son was away at college and all of my family lived overseas. It was a scary and uncertain time in my life. Within walking distance of my house, I watched as Atria Grapevine was being built. Continue Reading

Active Aging : Movement Is Your Best Medicine

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states.”

Having worked for 32 years as a physical education teacher for people with disabilities, I connect with this statement by health coach Carol Welch. During my career I’ve taught individuals with a variety of special physical, emotional and cognitive needs, and I’ve witnessed firsthand how exercise improves not only their health and well-being Continue Reading

Olympic Gold Medalist Living at Atria

We have an Olympic gold medalist in our midst! One of our residents at Atria Bay Spring Village, Janet S., won gold at the 1952 Summer Olympics held in Helsinki, Finland as a member of the US Women’s 4×100 meter relay team. Continue Reading

Spicy Carrot Salad Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

Since the most recent market reports indicate that carrots are still at a great quality and price, we wanted to feature a simple and delicious recipe for spicy carrot salad. Just one serving contains 380% of the adult daily requirement for vitamin A. If you don’t like things spicy, you can decrease or eliminate the chili paste. This recipe would be great served alongside grilled chicken or fish.

Continue Reading

The Power of Laughter

Most comedians perform their stand-up acts on stage. For Don W., Atria Regency resident and all-around jokester, the front porch is his stage.

“We call him our porch patrol. He likes to relax there and make funny comments about everything,” said Lakisha Hopkins, Resident Services Director. Continue Reading

854 Adorable Dogs call Atria Home!

It’s National Dog Day!  We’d like to give a special bark-out to the 854 pups who call Atria home. The best friends of our residents are best friends of ours!

Continue Reading

Making Good on Our Promises

I stay busy as Atria’s Chairman of the Board and CEO, and finding time to visit our communities is sometimes harder to do than I’d like. So I really cherish the times when I do get to visit, because there’s no substitute for seeing a community in person and having face-to-face conversations with our customers and dedicated managers and staff. Continue Reading

Sparking Your Sense of Playfulness

I’d like to tickle your curiosity about playfulness, but first I’d like to share a true story about a caregiver.  [The names and identifying references have been changed to protect confidentiality.]

One day I received a phone call from a woman inquiring about therapy services. Continue Reading

Pet Parrot Enriches Quality of Life for Atria Couple

In the animal kingdom, birds rank near the top when it comes to smarts. Their capacity for learning and inquisitive nature makes them a fascinating, captivating pet. Birds that are bonded with their owners constantly learn from the person’s behavior, and often delight them with surprisingly human-like antics. Think about it: When is the last time a dog looked up at you and said “Hello”?

According to Atria Carmichael Oaks resident Doris G., there’s nothing like coming home to Gypsy, an African Grey Parrot, who has been greeting her with a big “Hello” or “How are you?” for the past 23 years. Continue Reading

Enhancing Engage Life® programs with iPad Technology

Technology has revolutionized the way we experience the world. Thanks to the internet, we enjoy instant access to an unlimited amount of information, and the rise of social networking has helped us to be more connected than ever before. Smartphones, laptops and tablets have all helped make our world larger and smaller at the same time. But how do we open up this world for older adults who may not be tech-savvy? How do we bridge the gap between those who live on the grid – and those who’ve never been part of it? Continue Reading

Enjoy! Make time to P.L.A.Y

In the month of August, Atria’s Active Aging Ambassador, Billie Jean King invites us all to “play every day!” I bet you haven’t received an invitation to come out and play since you were a child, but making time to play is something we should continue to do throughout our lives. Continue Reading

Atria honors our military heroes on Purple Heart Recognition Day

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the courageous service members who have earned the Purple Heart Medal in combat.

Continue Reading

Alive and Kicking: Life is short; let’s play!

What does it mean to play every day?  This is a concept that children have an excellent grasp of and unfortunately, adults often do not.  As we age, our lives get in the way of truly living.  We get wrapped up in the fleeting trivialities of this life and lose our focus on what is really important – enjoying each day as it comes and loving the friends and family we are fortunate enough to have around us. Continue Reading

5 Brain Foods That Boost Memory

Culturally speaking, we place a great deal of emphasis on physical health and the actions we take to keep our bodies healthy. But what about our brains?  As some of us age, we experience a decline in cognitive ability, memory loss and a general lag in mental processing. So, it is important to focus on not only how we keep our bodies healthy, but also our brains.

A simple place to start is with your diet. Continue Reading

Daily Photo Challenge on Instagram

Make Time to Play! During the month of August, Billie Jean King, Atria’s Active Aging Ambassador encourages each person to channel their inner child by making more time for fun and laughter each day.

One way to kick-start the fun is by participating in Atria’s Instagram Photo Challenge from August 1 through 15! Continue Reading

Scents and Sensibility: The Power of Smell in Memory

When I was a child my mother would tuck me into bed every night. She always sprayed rose water on her face before bed and, to this day, whenever I smell roses, I remember my mother and how safe I felt. Continue Reading

Pat Bowlen Is

On Wednesday, the Denver Broncos released a statement indicating the owner of their franchise, Pat Bowlen, is stepping down as a result of his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Bowlen has been living with the disease for a few years, but chose to keep this private. Continue Reading

Iguana Stew Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

While this dish is not recommended or practical for meal preparation, this story had too much flavor to omit. Master Sergeant Charles Ohler was captured and held in a Japanese prison camp from July 4, 1944 to September 20, 1945. Atria is proud to have this veteran in our community. Continue Reading

Culinary Institute of America Satisfies Older Adults

Nothing makes people happier than good food served with a scenic view, right?

Recently, residents at Atria on the Hudson had vowed to visit all three restaurants at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.  In true Hudson fashion, they not only enjoyed their meals, but also critiqued each restaurant and compared their culinary experiences. Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Urban Gardening for Older Adults

Skim the headlines of any major news outlet or social media channel and you’ll find articles, blogs and posts touting urban agriculture, farming and gardening as new and emerging trends. Continue Reading

Atria Copeland Employee Service Award

When Deb Thorson started working at Atria Copeland, she thoughtfully took the lead on making sure that every employee is recognized on their birthday. Continue Reading

My Experience in the Armed Forces

I was drafted into the military when I was only 18 years old. At the time I didn’t know it, but it was going to be a big part of my life. Continue Reading

100-year-old Woman Rides Motorcycle

Nothing feels quite like riding a motorcycle. Robert Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values, describes it best when he writes, “You’re completely in contact with it all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.” Continue Reading

How Social Interaction Benefits a Person with Memory Impairment

I recently sat down with Tom Alaimo, Vice President of Life Guidance Operations, to talk about the role social interaction plays in helping those who are living with memory impairment. Continue Reading

Atria Darien Pets Make Residents Feel Stronger and Younger

Since the days of Herodotus (1 B.C.), tales of a mythical Fountain of Youth have captivated us, so much so that modern doctors and scientists have spent billions of dollars on the quest to develop solutions for reversing the traces of aging.

So, what if feeling younger was simpler than the tricks medical science has offered in the past 50 years?

What if it was as simple as caring for a pet? Continue Reading

Relationships Are Everything – How Social Interaction Impacts Our Health

 Society keeps giving us messages that when we get older, we’re finished. We’re not finished. Every day is a new start. 

– Billie Jean King, Atria Senior Living’s Active Aging Ambassador

Continue Reading

Driven to Serve: Meet Jonathan Aquino

Jonathan Aquino is known for providing excellent service as a dishwasher at Atria Crossroads Place, but his dedication to helping others doesn’t stop there.

Continue Reading

Baby Boomers Living at Atria

Today is Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day!

Baby Boomers are people born between 1946 and 1964, after soldiers returned home from World War II and began to raise families. Now aged 50 to 68, many of them are the sons and daughters of our residents – so we know just how extraordinary they are!

Here are just a few of the world-changing, life-saving inventions
we enjoy courtesy of the mighty Baby Boomers. Thank you! Continue Reading

Flourless Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

This impressive recipe for Flourless Chocolate Lava Cake is sure to excite guests at your next gathering. Continue Reading

“Jam Band”: Benefits of Music for Seniors

It’s impossible to imagine a world without music. It’s all around us, and for most people, music holds a special emotional value. Music has been shown to evoke strong responses. For instance, when hearing a song from your past, you often experience the same feelings originally associated with that memory. Continue Reading

Celebrating Dads Far and Wide on Father’s Day

Our dads worked hard and sacrificed a lot to provide our families with a good life.

But dads are more than just the men who raised us. They’re individuals with dreams, goals, likes and dislikes that extend beyond the scope of their dad-ness.

So as we celebrate fathers far and wide, we’d like to recognize the dads who call Atria home ­– and share some fun facts from the less dad-centric parts of their lives.  Continue Reading

Creating Social Opportunities for Your Parent

There is no doubt older adults benefit from social interaction – studies prove it. But, when your mom or dad lives alone, it can be difficult to get them out of the house to spend time with others. Continue Reading

“I Was There!”: Veterans Honored at Atria Kew Gardens

In front of fellow residents and guests, nearly 20 U.S. veterans who live at Atria Kew Gardens in New York were honored during a series of programs.

A special highlight was a memorable and moving first-person account of the D-Day invasion of Europe Continue Reading

Creole Shrimp with Garlic and Lemon Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

This recipe for Creole Shrimp with Garlic and Lemon comes from Tory McPhail, the Chef at the famous Commander’s Palace restaurant in New Orleans! Continue Reading

I Have a Confession to Make

I have a confession to make. I’m an introvert. As an Engage Life Director, whose job entails creating, designing and implementing dynamic social calendars for the residents of Atria at St. Joseph’s, that makes me sort of an anomaly. However, being surrounded by such a vibrant, spirited group of older adults every day has begun to have an impact on me. Continue Reading

What I Love About My Job!

For 28 years Wescol Swift, known in his community as Wes, has worked as a Security Guard at Atria Bell Court Gardens in Arizona. The community has grown and changed over the years – but his love for working at Atria has not. Continue Reading

Veteran Don Klingensmith, Atria at Hometown

There are four brothers in my family. We all served at the same time during the Korean War. I was the first to enlist and served three years, the last years in Germany. Continue Reading

Quinoa Salad Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

This Quinoa Salad recipe is courtesy of Chef Mark Gavriel, Director of Culinary Services at Atria Sunnyvale in California. It’s a delicious and healthy salad with a Mediterranean flair. Continue Reading

Using Technology to Spark Creativity in Seniors

There’s so much more to an iPad® or smartphone than solitaire and email. A world of creative possibilities awaits the older adult who takes the time to explore a few of our suggestions. Continue Reading

Annual Dog Show at Atria Seville

Westminster Kennel Club has nothing on Atria Seville. The community hosts an annual Dog Day Afternoon Dog Show, a unique event that gives owners a chance to show off their four-legged friends. Continue Reading

Crossword Puzzle Creator Crosses Major Milestones in 2014

Bernice G. crossed two milestones off her list this year: turning 100 and becoming the first centenarian to have a crossword puzzle published in The New York Times. Continue Reading

Friends for Life: How to Avoid Social Isolation

Research shows that staying socially engaged with friends can offer real benefits, like bolstering our immune system and contributing to overall health and happiness. Spending time with friends improves our mood. And having the emotional support of close friends helps us reach goals and get through challenging times in our lives. Continue Reading

Dealing With Dementia: Tom Alaimo’s Take

For Tom Alaimo, VP of Life Guidance® at Atria, memory care is more than just part of his profession – it’s personal. Continue Reading

Atria Salutes Our Resident Veterans

It is an honor and a privilege to serve those who served our country.

So as we celebrate America’s military members on Armed Forces Day, we would like to pay recognition to the many retired veterans – and their spouses – who call Atria home. Continue Reading

The Life of a Military Spouse: The Cofer Story

My husband and I married in the midst of the war, and our first few years together were crazier than we anticipated. We were expecting our first child when my husband was drafted into the military, and it completely changed our lives.

Continue Reading

Centenarian Birthday at Atria Richardson

On May 2, 2014 Atria Richardson resident Mary M. celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends. She was born in Chicago, where she met her husband Newton. The two were married for 55 years and both served in the Navy. Continue Reading

5 Ways Owning a Dog Improves Your Health

A recent article references a study that found that owning a pet – specifically a dog – could greatly improve one’s health.

Here’s how. Continue Reading

Coffee-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

This Coffee-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin has an exotic, aromatic spice profile. Better yet, only 27% of its calories come from fat.

Continue Reading

Because I Said So: A Mother’s Day Playlist

Thanking Mom for all she does should happen everyday, and this Mother’s day we’re doing something extra special for her. We asked Atria’s Facebook fans to submit songs that remind them of Mom and created a customized music playlist Continue Reading

Veteran Dr. Guillermo Evers Airall

I had four memorable assignments during my 21 years of service in the United States Army as a dental officer:

My second assignment was my first memorable experience.  Both my wife and I are immigrants from the Republic of Panama so when we received news that I would be assigned to the Canal Zone, we were overwhelmed with joy. Continue Reading

Atria’s Employee Leadership Summit 2014

Each year, Atria’s leaders hand-select front-line staff at each local Atria community to attend a two-and-a-half-day program, which we call Employee Leadership Summit, or “ELS.” Continue Reading

Veteran Neal E. Roberts, Atria Applewood

In November 1941, Neal enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps (his father Tillman was also in the Marine Corps) and trained at Camp Pendleton in California. Continue Reading

Potato Cheese Pierogi Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

Pierogi are traditional Polish dumplings most often filled with either sauerkraut or potato and cheese. I fondly remember my mother making potato and cheese pierogi for Friday night suppers. Continue Reading

I Looked It Up On The iPad

“I looked it up on the iPad®.” 

“I Googled it.” 

“I saw that on Facebook.” 

Yes, those words now frequently come out of my 72-year-old father’s mouth.  Continue Reading

Billie Jean King Rallies Support for Active Aging

Billie Jean King, champion athlete and Atria’s Active Aging Ambassador, is the newest face on the cover of the International Council on Active Aging’s (ICAA) The Journal on Active Aging®. Billie Jean continues to break down societal barriers in her new role, influencing a shift in perceptions of aging. Continue Reading

Atria Resident Ambassador Recognition

We are proud of all our residents and Atria’s resident ambassadors are certainly no exception. Engage Life Director,  Michelle “Shell” Morley of Atria Paradise shares a story about one of their special resident ambassadors, Mr. James Mabry Continue Reading

Atria Draper Place Receptionist Fills the Community with Joy

At Atria Draper Place, the job title “receptionist” hardly captures the role Elaine Malloy plays with the residents, staff and visitors. Yes, she’s the first of many bright lights you experience at the community, greeting every guest with a warm smile and welcoming gesture.  But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Continue Reading

Assisted Living or Independent Living, Which is Right for Me?

Navigating the landscape of choice for your family member’s care can be confusing and frustrating. As a caregiver, your mind is full of worry, guilt and even agitation.

Continue Reading

Are Wisdom and Resiliency One and the Same When it Comes to Aging?

My interest was piqued by a recent New York Times article, which suggested that wisdom could play a major part in the aging process.

Continue Reading

Veteran Dwight W. Wait Jr., Atria Merrywood

First Lt. Dwight W. Wait, Jr. is a decorated veteran of World War II and resident at Atria MerryWoodContinue Reading

New Study Ranks Alzheimer’s as Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

According to a new study released by the American Academy of Neurology, Alzheimer’s disease is actually the third leading cause of death in the United States, ranking behind only heart disease and cancer. Continue Reading

Atria Residents and Jungle Bob’s Reptiles

Turtles, lizards, snakes, frogs. You name it – Jungle Bob has it all! At least once a year, Atria South Setauket in New York ramps up for a visit with Jungle Bob. Continue Reading

The Assisted Living Decision – When is the Time Right?

Making the decision to move your family member into an assisted living community isn’t easy in any sense of the word. Older adults and their families face many doubts as they determine when the time is right to get extra help. Continue Reading

“Being Sad”: An Atria Resident Poem

Eva L., Atria Tanglewood resident, has a remarkable story. Born in Germany in 1925, she escaped the Nazis with the help of the Kindertransport, a rescue mission that took her to England at age 13. Continue Reading

“Reminiscing”: An Atria Resident Poem

Meet Atria Plainview resident Paul S. The 98-year-old runs memoirs, creative writing and poetry classes at the community! He is pictured here with his amazing wife, Ruth. Continue Reading

Introducing Mixed Martial Arts Fight Nights

As a member of the waitstaff at Atria Chandler Villas in Arizona, Robert Leyvas enjoys serving meals to residents. But what he really loves is hosting Fight Nights at the community each week, where he and the residents watch Mixed Martial Arts fights on TV. Continue Reading

“Spring”: An Atria Resident Poem

Meet the creative Cynthia P., a resident at Atria Del Sol and talented poet. Read her delightful poem titled, “Spring.” Continue Reading

Wilma’s Patio: Small Business, Big Dreams

Wilma and Maurice “Morey” Staudinger were on their way to pick out carpet for their new house. On the way, they stopped for lunch on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, California. Little did they know, this particular lunch date wasn’t ordinary.  Continue Reading

Going Above and Beyond

Linda Metz is a receptionist at Atria Northgate Park in Ohio, but to residents and fellow employees at the community, she’s much more than that. Linda has been known to come in on her days off to take residents to doctor’s appointments, fill-in for coworkers when needed and help shovel snow so residents can attend church. Continue Reading

Atria El Camino Gardens Performs Random Acts of Kindness

On Wednesday, March 19th the residents of Atria El Camino Gardens set out to perform random acts of kindness in the Carmichael area, with the help of the Atria Engage Life Team. The group shared stories with unsuspecting families, workers at local businesses, and people on the street. Continue Reading

6 Ways to Manage Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Wandering

Older adults with memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia frequently get confused about where they are, what day it is and what time it is. This can often cause them to wander from their home and quickly fall into a dangerous situation. Continue Reading

Veteran Emery Johnson, Atria Hillcrest

I am a resident at Atria Hillcrest. I am a World War II veteran.

I was in the 13th Armored Division (Army). While in the 13th, I had two 13-day furloughs. We left the U.S. on Friday the 13th in a Liberty Ship.  It took us 13 days to get to England. I was in the first squad of the third platoon. Continue Reading

Seniors and Quitting Smoking

It is a well-established fact that smoking is detrimental to one’s health, causing lung cancer, increased risk of stroke, and heart disease, among others. Continue Reading

Sustainability and Senior Living

Green living is more than just a trendy catchphrase; it’s a thoughtful and purposeful way of life for those who seek to conserve energy and create an eco-friendly world. Senior living communities are taking up the challenge issued by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Continue Reading

Chocolate Raspberry Truffles Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

This award-winning recipe for Chocolate Raspberry Truffles comes from Mary Short, Director of Culinary Service at Atria Grass Valley in California. Mary’s recipe won a “People’s Choice Best Pairing Award” a few years ago in a local competition in the “Best Chocolate and Wine” pairing category. Continue Reading

Veteran Bernard Florence

My father, Bernard Florence, served in the U.S. Navy as a fighter pilot during World War II. He served proudly starting at the young age of 16 in the Pacific. Continue Reading

Guide to Comparing Independent Living Communities

There are many reasons that lead older adults to consider independent living options. Keeping up with the daily chores of running a household can become overwhelming and expensive. As grown children move out, a large house with multiple levels presents challenges for a long-term living environment. Everyday tasks that used to take no time at all now suddenly take half the day.

Continue Reading

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

We are living and staying independent longer than ever before and with this new territory of aging families find themselves searching for answers to new questions. One question families often struggle with is how to talk to mom or dad about their living arrangements once they can no longer maintain their home (without a lot of help from others.)

Continue Reading

Assisted Living – What You Should Know

When you’re making a decision to move your mom or dad into a senior living community, the challenges in front of you can seem insurmountable. There is certainly no shortage of questions and confusion; this, in conjunction with the emotional factors that weigh on your mind, make the ideal path unclear.

Continue Reading

Wash Day Peach Cobbler Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

When I was a child, Monday was wash day and the laundry was done in our back yard. The laundry equipment consisted of a large black pot over a bed of fire to heat the water, a broomstick to stir the dirty clothes, lye soap and two galvanized washtubs filled with water for rinsing the clothes. It was a sunup-to-sundown chore, leaving no time to make a complicated dessert. This recipe is quick and easy. The fragrance of it baking lingers in my memory. Continue Reading

Atria Lynbrook Resident Publishes First Book

Nearly eight decades in the making, Atria Lynbrook resident and poet Jeanette Konwiser published her first book this year entitled, “Bridging Winter.” It is a 186-page collection of lyric and romantic poems. Continue Reading

The Broken Headlight on the Mercury

Before learning how to help, you need to know when to help. A warning sign can be as subtle as a slight change in a pattern of behavior. If your dad has never been neat and tidy, for instance, then a messy house isn’t anything new.

Continue Reading

Atria Meridian Resident’s Song, “Atria, You Are The 1”

Atria, You Are The One

(To be sung to the tune of “Margie”)

 Written by Dorothy Siegel, Atria Meridian resident

Continue Reading

Atria Rancho Park Couple Renews Vows After 72 Years

After nearly 72 years of marriage, Lyle and Gail Isaacs finally got the wedding celebration they never had! Not only did Atria Rancho Park in San Dimas, California host a vow renewal for the couple with family and friends, but they even arranged for the nuptials to take place on one of the most romantic days of the year: Valentine’s Day! Continue Reading

What Senior Living Communities Will Look Like in 10 Years

Like most other industries, the trends among senior living communities are rapidly evolving. The future is bright for prospective retirees. Senior living communities will continue to fully embrace holistic wellness, eco-friendly solutions, technology and independence. As baby boomers slide into retirement age, the senior housing industry must accommodate a generation of retirees who are active and tech-savvy in an unprecedented way. In addition, people are living longer and want to approach the work and play of retirement in a whole new way. Continue Reading

Mother’s Butter Cookie Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

“We couldn’t afford a telephone when we first got married.”

Atria on Roslyn Harbor resident Jeannette Weledniger recalls being a newlywed and taking the stairs or the elevator down to the lobby to use the public telephone to call her mother. Continue Reading

Love With Staying Power

In this day and age, love doesn’t always stand the test of time. But for Atria Meridian residents Howard and Claudine Southgate, their love is the kind with staying power.

The two have been married for more than 72 years. Continue Reading

Veteran John I. Unger, Atria Lafayette

Enlisted in the U.S. Navy August 11, 1939 and served 20 years, during the entire World War II and the Korean War. Continue Reading

A Bond That Can’t Be Broken

Here at Atria, we talk frequently about the importance of social living and of being surrounded by friends with common interests.

This doesn’t mean all of those friends are necessarily people.

Meet Atria Windsor Woods resident Dovie S. and her pet bird, Crystal. Continue Reading

Alzheimer’s: A Caregiver’s Challenge

We recognize that the commitment to care for a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is one of the greatest sacrifices a caregiver can make. Continue Reading

Serving Others First

Kerry Sheron has served as a chef at Atria Encinitas in California for the past 27 years, and he loves all of the residents for whom he has the privilege to cook. His dedication extends far beyond Atria Encinitas – he’s filled in for kitchen duty in 18 different Atria communities when they needed help. Thanks for sharing your story with us, and thank you for sharing your delicious spaghetti bolognese recipe below! Continue Reading

Senior Home Care: Which service is right for you?

“You might want to think about getting some help at home” (or something along those lines).

These words may have come from your mom’s doctor or a well-meaning friend, your boss, maybe your minister.

So, what do they mean? Continue Reading

Flying High at Age 98

No matter how old we grow, we never lose our desire for a thrill: the feeling of exhilaration, a mixture of excitement and fear. It’s the kind that makes adrenaline rush through our bodies on a rollercoaster ride. The kind that lets us escape from our ordinary lives, even just for a moment.

Something thrilling. Continue Reading

Why Active Aging is the New Norm Among Boomers

The term “retirement” will certainly take on a new meaning over the next couple of decades. Active aging is fast becoming the norm among baby boomers as they seek to continue living engaged and fulfilling lives, even as they age. Whereas past generations wanted to transition from a life of work to a life of leisure, today’s older adults look for a good balance of activity and rest. And they want to try new things, just as they have their whole lives. In short, they want retirement to be as active, engaging and enthralling as their pre-retirement lives. Continue Reading

Senior Living Communities and Staying Connected

When an older adult is considering moving into a senior living community, we often hear that they are worried about giving up their independence. Understandably, they want the same amenities, freedom and access to technology they’ve always had. With this also comes the desire for a continued deep connection with their family. Continue Reading

Tiny Visitor Makes Big Impression

When JJ and Paddy visit Atria Del Rey, it’s nothing short of a magical experience. The two are not your typical visitors. In fact, they are not your typical horses either. They are actually miniature ponies AND registered therapy pets! Continue Reading

A Ballerina’s “Pointe” of View

For Dorothy Priest, it was love at first plié.

Once known by her stage name, Dorothy Loder, Dorothy began ballet lessons when she was just six years old and was a ballerina from the ages of 18 to 25. Continue Reading

You Just Never Know . . .

Almost 60 years ago I met Susan Williams and she changed my life. You just never know how much someone will touch your life or you will touch their’s.

Continue Reading

Veteran Kirby H. Woehst, Atria Cypresswood

In January 1944, after leaving New York with his new B-24 crew and transiting Brazil and Africa, he arrived in southern Italy. His crew, flying their B-24, named Tailwind, flew their first combat mission on February 13, 1944. Continue Reading

Calling The Shots

“I feel stronger and more vibrant than I ever believed possible,” reports billiards devotee, Jackie “JJ” Jeffrey.

Although life has thrown her curveballs, JJ is a model of resilience. Continue Reading

Family Ties at Atria Sandy

John “Big John” Schirack and his three daughters have always been close. When he moved into Atria Sandy in Sandy, Utah in 2007, he didn’t have to sacrifice his relationship with them at all. In fact, he sees them every day!

Continue Reading

What Seniors Really Want from a Community Lifestyle

It’s hard enough to talk to your mom or dad about the possibility of moving out of their home and into a senior living community. Getting them to open up about what might actually make them feel happy and settled at a new home can present an even larger challenge. Continue Reading

Atria Lynbrook Employee Recognition

Doris Blackwell knows a thing or two about exceeding expectations. After all, she is a 2014 winner of Atria’s Exceptional Service Awards (ESA).

Many residents describe Doris, a Resident Services Assistant at Atria Lynbrook in New York, as a caring, compassionate and respectful person. Continue Reading

What is Memory Care?

As we grow older, forgetting a few things here and there is to be expected; in fact, absent-mindedness is fairly common. When memory loss becomes more than just a little absent-mindedness, it might be a sign of a degenerative illness such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Although memory processing may slow with age, forgetting details like your home address or the current year are signs of a considerably different issue. Continue Reading

Veteran Armand Grasso

My dad, Armand Grasso, Sr., is now a resident at Atria Briarcliff Manor in Briarcliff, New York. He has been there for a few months now and is enjoying his stay. Continue Reading

New Atria Recipe: Pear and Avocado Salad

At Atria, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality service and ingredients in every dining experience at our communities. In fact, we serve locally sourced ingredients and prepare many of our dishes from scratch.

We’d like to share some of our freshest recipes that you can make right at home! Try this delicious pear and avocado salad from Atria Grass Valley – only 240 calories!

Continue Reading

ALF and SNF: What’s the Difference?

From the moment your dad entered the hospital, a hospital employee (typically called a discharge planner or case manager) started working on a discharge plan.
It’s likely that the case manager will eventually make their way to you, the adult child, and ask you what you plan to do with your dad now that he can’t really manage all alone.

Continue Reading

New Atria Recipe: No-Bake Pumpkin Pie

Marcus Heindselman, Atria’s trusted Program Analyst, is credited with this delicious, hassle-free recipe. This No-Bake Pumpkin Pie recipe is great if you are crunched for time and entertaining on a budget – it’s super easy to make! Continue Reading

Living at Home vs. Senior Living

As you get older, maintaining a home and your lifestyle becomes more challenging. Senior living offers a positive way to manage these challenges and live more independently. The infographic above shows some key points to consider.

Hugs and Homemade Ornaments Around the Tree

A delightful and enthusiastic group of Girl Scouts from Troop 4071 in Forest Hills came together with residents at Atria Kew Gardens in New York to turn a modest tree into a magical display of holiday spirit, artistic creativity and fun. Continue Reading

A Message From Billie Jean King

My 91-year-old mother is a wise woman and has long been a major influence in my life. One of her favorite sayings is that “if you ever stop moving . . . it’s over.”

Truer words may never have been spoken. Continue Reading

Veteran Paul Hoffman

My mother, Jean Hoffman, lives at Atria at St. Joseph’s in Jupiter, Florida. She has been in that community for almost four years and is now 91 years old. She loves being there, but misses my father who passed away four years ago. Continue Reading

Senior Thinking by Raymond Fox

One of the most important aspects of senior life is the opportunity to relax, visualize and evaluate your entire life from a different viewpoint.

During the past several years I have tried to cope with the death of my beloved wife. Continue Reading

The Menu

In any fine dining establishment, quality drives every decision – menu development, flavor profile, china and silver selection, and service philosophy.

Our residents are accustomed to the best dining opportunities the world has to offer, so why should their experience at Atria be any different? Continue Reading

Making the Moments Count

November marked National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, and education and fundraising are thriving to help those facing the demands of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. But, if you and your family are directly affected, you know that what you are experiencing isn’t contained to one designated month of the year. Regular, routine activities can feel like chores, communication can be difficult and family dynamics can get lost in a sea of tasks. Continue Reading

The Art of Aging

“You don’t teach creativity, you just are.”

That’s Eleanor Dickinson’s philosophy.

Eleanor has been an artist nearly all her life. Continue Reading

The Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

A frequently asked question to staff members at assisted living communities is what the difference is between Alzheimer’s and dementia?

When an individual begins to display signs of memory loss and confusion, the most common fear is that the symptoms are related to Alzheimer’s disease, or AD. However, these symptoms can have a variety of causes that may or may not be the result of AD. Continue Reading

Saluting Our Veterans

We salute America’s Veterans, who have sacrificed so much so we may live freely every day. We’re humbled by their service and resiliency.

A testament to this commitment to patriotism and self-sacrifice, Atria Stony Brook resident Leonard O’Dell found himself in a fight for his life, deep in enemy territory  Continue Reading

Best Move He Ever Made

When Ron S. lost his wife, Marg, the world just didn’t feel right anymore. “Something changes when your best friend leaves you,” says Ron. He decided it would be wise for him to have a fresh start. He agreed with his son to give Atria a go. Continue Reading

Moving to Assisted Living – Transition Checklist

Making the decision to move oneself or a loved one to an assisted living community is difficult. It is not a decision to be made lightly. For those who need just a little assistance with day-to-day activities, moving to assisted living may be the best option. Continue Reading

Assisted Living and Memory Care –Trends & Innovation

Today’s seniors are in the driver seat, steering innovative trends in assisted living and memory care in the senior living industry.

Continue Reading

Compare Senior Living Quality – 5 Key Community Attributes

Choosing a senior living community to call home can be a complicated choice. Everyone wants to choose a residence that offers senior living quality and peace of mind. Continue Reading

Must Love Pets

Not all senior living providers offer pet-friendly communities, so when potential customers visit, they like hearing that their animal friends are welcome at Atria.  Continue Reading

Celebrating Our Centenarians

We’re committed to helping our residents stay active as they age, and today, we’d like to introduce you to some of our most inspiring residents. These amazing men and women are all over 100 years old, and they’ve shared their secrets for living a long, healthy life. Continue Reading

Shout-out to Atria Summit Hills

At Atria, we strive to enhance lives and exceed expectations every day. In fact, that very commitment is woven so deeply into our fabric, it’s part of our mission statement.

Katie Race, Life Guidance Director at Atria Summit Hills, made the company’s mission her own by setting a personal goal to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. Continue Reading

Culinary Excellence: “It’s Atria-licious”

Yum! Our experienced chefs offer fresh, made-from-scratch selections that reflect traditional and local tastes, promising culinary excellence. We change our featured dishes with the seasons to ensure the freshest ingredients. Special dietary needs – including no-added-sodium or no-concentrated-sweets options – are easily accommodated. Continue Reading

Real Simple features Atria Seniors

Several Atria resident centenarians (age 100 years or older), were featured in the August 2013 issue of Real Simple magazine. Continue Reading

Employee Recognition at Atria

Each quarter, hourly community employees across the country are nominated for the Exceptional Service Award (ESA), and 25 national winners receive $500 as a special thank you for their hard work. This award is just one of the many ways we recognize our employees for their dedicated service. Continue Reading

The Ride Of A Lifetime

Geraldine Newman fell in love with hot air balloons when she was a little girl. And she waited 100 years to board one.

Continue Reading

A Heartfelt Reunion: Two Brothers Connect After 20 Years

In 1989, Bruce Brown suffered a massive stroke that paralyzed the right side of his body. Although he lost his ability to walk and speak, he was able to teach himself how to paint with his left hand. A true model of determination and endurance, Bruce Brown proved that being a stroke victim would not define him. Instead, he became an artist and a survivor.  Continue Reading